Bristol Motor Club
Bristol Motor club are providing traffic cones for the road sections of DHHM.​​  Click here to go to the Bristol Motor Club web site .

Our Sponsors and Supporters

Sponsors sought
DHHM is generously supported by a growing list of sponsors. If you'd like to help to continue to make DHHM a success then get in touch!
B. Robbins Plumbing and Heating
B. Robbins Plumbing and heating are providing the trophies for the DHHM. ​ Click here to go to the B. Robbins Plumbing and Heating web site .
Jack Blanchard Graphic Design
Jack provided the new race branding that features on the t-shirts, race numbers, maps etc. for DHHM2018.
M.J.Church are providing us with a few things to make the Doynton car parking experience less... slidy and not quite so demanding on the field entrance.​​  Click here to go to the M.J.Church web site .
Marshfield Bakery
Resound Camera Club
Marshfield Bakery are providing flapjacks for our happy marshals. Click here to go to the Marshfield Bakery web site.
Eat Natural
Resound camera club are helping us to get more photographic coverage of the route and will be sharing their race pictures on the race Flickr page.​​  Click here to go to the Resound Camera Club web site .
Eat Natural are providing some wonderful EatNatural bars for the runners' goody bags. Click here to go to the EatNatural web site.