Bristol Motor Club
Bristol Motor club are providing traffic cones for the road sections of DHHM.​​  Click here to go to the Bristol Motor Club web site .

Our Sponsors and Supporters

Sponsors sought
DHHM is generously supported by a growing list of sponsors. If you'd like to help to continue to make DHHM a success then get in touch!
B. Robbins Plumbing and Heating
B. Robbins Plumbing and heating are providing the trophies for the DHHM. ​ Click here to go to the B. Robbins Plumbing and Heating web site .
Jack Blanchard Graphic Design
Jack provided us with his skills and time to make a shiny new village / event map for DHHM  which can be seen here .
M.J.Church are providing us with a few things to make the Doynton car parking experience less... slidy and not quite so demanding on the field entrance.​​  Click here to go to the M.J.Church web site .
Marshfield Bakery
Marshfield Bakery are providing flapjacks for our happy marshals. Click here to go to the Marshfield Bakery web site.