What to do on Race Day

The basics
The race starts and finishes in Doynton village and race HQ is at Doynton village hall (postal code BS30 5SY ). Satnav works well in the area but check a map first just in case. The race starts promptly at 11am by which time you need to have parked your car in the race car park, picked up your chip and race number and listened to a short pre-race briefing. Please give yourself plenty of time to do this.
Getting there
Share a car if you can. Public transport does not service Doynton on a Sunday. The lanes approaching are, without exception, narrow and twisty so drive with the assumption that you will meet a tractor with something heavy and / or pointy attached around the next corner. Some participants may walk or cycle so share the road nicely. And, of course, drive considerately through the village.
Parking your car / bike
As you approach the village you will see some large yellow directional 'CAR PARK' signs. Follow the signs and park in the car park, which is a field kindly provided by one of the Doynton residents. Please please don't park anywhere other than in the designated car park. The car park is staffed by some hi-vis volunteers who have given up their time for us all so give them a smile and a wink. If conditions are wet then some gentle man/woman handling of your car may be required to help negotiate the entrance. There is unfortunately no cycle parking provision at race HQ. The village map sho ws the location of the car park.
Getting from the car park to race HQ...
.... couldn't be easier. A short (4 minute) amble through the village is shown on the village map.
Race number and chip collection
Race numbers (with timing chips attached) can be collected at race HQ from 8:30am on race day. You will be asked some basic questions to confirm your identity but this won't be anything complicated, just the sort of things you really should know about yourself if you're allowed out without supervision. Safety pins and pens will be available in abundance at race HQ in a few places including the large white marquee in the grounds at the rear of the Village hall. Please note that there are  no 'turn up' entries on the day.
Baggage store
Bag storage is at race HQ in a closed-off area of the village hall. If you wish to use it, use the tear-off luggage tag from your race bib and fix it securely to your bag before handing to our baggage team. The bag store is compact and we ask for a small amount of your patience when collecting your bag at the end of the race while one of our volunteers retrieves your bag.
Changing facilities
The changing facilities at the local cricket club are available for use on the day. They are small but functional and the village map shows the location of the changing rooms just a few minutes walk away. There are no showering facilities.
At DHHM2016 & 2017, volunteers from the village provided excellent refreshments at race HQ which included tea, coffee, cake and locally brewed soup. We're pleased to confirm thet the same expert-baking village volunteers will be back for DHHM2018.
The race starts at 11am promptly. A short pre-race briefing in the front grounds of the village hall will take place at 10:40am and runners will be asked to assemble at the start line at 10:50am. The DHHM has a chip timed finish but not a chip start time so you will get a gun to chip finish time. If you think you're likely to win and want every second to count then get at the front of the field. If you're out for a nice trot followed by a couple of pints and twelve slices of cake then maybe stay towards the back somewhere. DHHM isn't a PB course so a few seconds won't make much of a difference (really).
There are four pubs on the course at roughly 5k intervals that supply water, jelly sweets, savoury snacks and maybe non-alcoholic beer. Water will also be available at the end of the race. A pop-up pub will be in place at race HQ after the race as the Crosshouse Inn is closed.
Too hot?
Did we mention that the first three miles is hilly? You may be hot by the time you get to the first pub and you can drop any unwanted layers in the laundry basket at The Dog Inn at the three mile point. They will be taken back to race HQ and hung on the washing line for you to collect when you finish the race. This is done at your own risk and the race organisers can't accept responsibilty for loss etc.
Route safety
The organisers will deploy about 450 signs and position about 80 marshals to safely guide you around 13+ miles of countryside. Your feet belong to you and we must respectfully insist that you plant them wisely and in a manner which allows you to retain control. Where the course crosses / uses a road, marshals will be present to advise and guide you. Obstacles such as stiles and bridges exist on the route. Approach them carefully and at a speed which allows you to suitably navigate them. Livestock should be tucked up inside on race day but remember that you're in the countryside which is where some animals live. Be aware of, and respectful towards, any animals that you encounter. Please run on, or within a metre of, the designated race route - always. We don't have exclusive use of the countryside. Respect other footpath users; say 'hello', wave, and smile but don't touch or lick. Please stop and help injured / ill race participants. You will feel (and be) a better human being for doing so. Marshals are present for your safety. If a marshal politely asks you to do something then there is a good reason; please obey.
Time limits
Time limits are imposed at the DHHM: 18 minute miles for section 1 and 15 minute miles for sections 2 and 3. This is to ensure that the marshals, some of which are covering very remote locations, are not left out in the cold/wet for too long. A time check at the end of section 1 (about 5.5 miles) and section 2 (about 9.5 miles) will be in place and those runners making slower than necessary progress at the second checkpoint will be politely directed to race HQ to pick up their technical t-shirt and goody bag without completing the race. Note that it hasn't so far been necessary to apply this time limit to any runners.
The race finishes at race HQ where you can get a drink at the pop-up pub, another six cakes and your goody-bag which includes, among other things, your technical t-shirt.
Prizes will be awarded at race HQ at 1:45pm (time subject to minor adjustment on the day).
Enjoy yourselves
DHHM is a tough but fun race and the race organisers insist that you have a good time, splash in the mud, smile, hum/whistle and eat cake.
Event schedule / order of service
There will be portaloos at race HQ. There are also toilet facilities inside Race HQ (the village hall) and the cricket club.
And they're off...
The end