A run in the countryside
The Doynton Hard Half Marathon takes runners on a challenging tour of the countryside over three separate and distinctly different sections, each returning to Doynton village.
Section 1 - the first 6 ish miles
The first 6 mile section is good old-fashioned hard hilly running. The first mile is a steady climb to the top of a very muddy Toghill Lane before descending through farmland and then climbing again before another descent to a short river crossing and through a short wooded section. A third climb joins the Cotswold Way and takes you around Dyrham Wood and an undulating route back to Doynton village will give you stunning views and a chance to catch your breath.
Section 2 - the next 4
The second section is about 4 miles long and looks flat but the ground underfoot is very varied and often hard going. You will have a few chances to wash off your shoes in the River Boyd and another puddle or two that we managed to find, before returning to the village.
Section 3 - the last 3 and a bit miles
The final section takes you on a circuit of Wick Quarry through Golden Valley Nature Reserve and has sections which are a little firmer underfoot with a cheeky sharp slope or two thrown in. The last mile was changed in 2018 to replace the busy Bury Lane road section with another much needed field followed by a muddy lane.
Before you download maps, it is important that you DO NOT RUN THE ROUTE as it appears on the maps other than on race day (20th January 2019). Some parts of the route are not on public footpaths and the route is the result of negotiation with local landowners whose land we must all respect.

The course

Aerial Map
Village Map
OS Map